Although the launching for the next Star Wars movie is still months away, it is quite surprising that developments about the new episode have been under wraps. Despite the muffled publicity, it is perceived that the upcoming narrative will pick up the scene it left in The Force Awakens.

With Daisy Ridley's Rey becoming one of the central characters in the story, it is highly likely that the plot will become more appealing. With Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker in the picture, the female Jedi has an awakening plus challenges ahead of her.

Although it is not the intention of Rian Johnson to halt the traditional periodic jump in the story-telling approach of the series, the writer/director is compelled to unfold a new process judging from the fact that he wants to follow the pace of the narrative. He adds that Luke's presence is significant to Rey's journey.

Within this context, it is perceived that Daisy Ridley will be undergoing a transformation that will unveil and develop her hidden prowess. Facing Skywalker at the end of Episode VII is the initial step towards realizing that gift.

Aside from Rey, Kylo Ren will also be in the spotlight as he wields enough power similar to Darth Vader. Aside from donning on a cape and black robe, the rising antagonist will get a chance to flex his muscles as a fighter across the skies.

Johnson has pointed out that the upcoming flick will instead replace the dark element of the story with a lively tone. He wants the next part of the series to have more fun.

In addition, character development will remain an essential part of the plot. This means that John Boyega's Stormtrooper Finn, Ridley's Jedi apprentice Rey and Oscar Isaac's adroit X-wing pilot Poe Dameron will certainly have stories to tell both from their pasts and into their futures.

Episode VIII is slated to be released in December this year. Noteworthy actors like Benicio del Toro and Laura Dern will be joining most of the mainstays including the late Carrie Fisher who finished all her forthcoming scenes.