Aaron Rodgers Family Feud: NFL Star's Father Reveals Whether Rift Has Mended [VIDEO]

Aaron Rodgers' father recently discussed the NFL star's rise to fame and how a rift formed in their family.

There have been many reports of a rift between Rodgers and the rest of his family, ever since he began dating actress Olivia Munn in 2014. Rodgers' father, Ed Rodgers, spoke with The New York Times recently about their relationship and the family's own relationship with fame.

Ed admitted "it's hard to tell sometimes" whether the rift has mended, and also added that, "Fame can change things."

Another Rodgers boy, Jordan Rodgers, became famous in 2016 by appearing as a contestant on ABC's The Bachelorette. He fell in love with Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher and went on to win the season, but not before revealing on the show that a rift had formed between Aaron and the rest of their family.

"One in the news is enough for us," Ed said, when discussing his family's newfound level of fame. Ed did say, however, that he didn't want to comment further on family matters.

Craig Rigsbee, athletic director at Butte College where Aaron attend for one year, was also interviewed about the family in The New York Times piece.

"The problem when someone achieves a level of fame like Aaron has is that it makes you more guarded, because people will try to play off the people around him to gain access," Rigsbee said. "I can't tell you how many companies have called me and said we'll give you this or that and oh, could we just go to dinner with Aaron. Or people will ask me if I can get him to sign this or that."

But Rigsbee has nothing but nice things to say about Aaron overall as a person: "Everything I've asked him to do, he's done. He's been really gracious to us."

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