Aaron Rodgers Wife: Does Olivia Munn Answer The Emails Of The Packers QB? [VIDEO]

Does Olivia Munn control Aaron Rodgers' emails?

According to a new report, comedian Keegan-Michael Key recently appeared on Sportscaster, where he was seen talking about how the actress answers emails sent to her boyfriend.

While it is hard to say where the comedian got his information from, Munn has been accused of being the reason behind the Rodgers' family feud. So, it may not be too surprising to see that she was keeping tabs on his accounts.

As Munn and Rodgers prepare to celebrate Christmas together, their pups, Chance and Frankie, are also getting into the Christmas spirit.

"My mom loves to knit, so she's actually making them a Santa hat and a beard and little booties," she told Parade magazine, via Xpose. "They're going to be our Christmas card mascots."

"And you know who is mostly responsible for that kind of thing? My mother," she continued. "When I got my first house, she would keep bringing stuff from her attic and placing it around my house. I'd put it away and then when she came it would be all this energy to find it and put it back out and be like, 'Yep, I love it!'"

Munn went on to discuss her latest film, Office Christmas Party, and how the concept applies to her real life.

 "The funny thing about office Christmas parties is if you turn on the lights, everybody is right where they work - like HR hangs out with HR, but now we have alcoholic beverages in our hands."

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