Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban: Actress Shuts Down Invasive Questions About Husband & Kids In Awkward Interview [VIDEO]


Nicole Kidman may be somewhat open when it comes to discussing her private life, but even she has her limits, and expressed what they were during an interview for her new movie Lion which became an inquiry about her personal life.

In the movie, Kidman portrays an adoptive mother who supports her son as he goes on a journey to find his biological parents and family, and her own history as an adoptive mother (her two children with ex-husband Tom Cruise, Isabella and Connor) has often come up, and did again when she spoke to BBC Woman's Hour's Jenni Murray, discussing the initial process and the love she had for her children.

"When you receive any sort of [adoption] counselling, which they give you, the conversation is always about: Being adopted isn't a word you don't use; you use it all the time so there's no big drama attached to 'suddenly discovering' you're adopte," she said."That's what I was counselled to do. But you love the biological parent from the minute you hold their child-there's love, enormous love."

However, things quickly became more intense and awkward as Murray brought up reports that she and her adoptive children have been estranged since she and Cruise divorced 16 years ago.

"I don't discuss any of it," Kidman replied. "I don't discuss any of my children in terms of their privacy. All I say is, there's unconditional love, and it's that simple."

The interview then continued with pressing questions about when her marriage to Cruise ended, before then switching gears to her current husband, Keith Urban, and his history of alcoholism and drug use when they first got together, which saw him going to rehab just a few months after they married.

"We know that Keith struggled with alcohol in the past-how do you support someone who's struggling with alcohol in the way that he did?" Murray asked.

"God, you guys are personal," Kidman replied. "I mean...that's for him to talk about. He's always said that I can talk about it publicly, and I think our marriage is an example of working through it with an outcome where you can be together and he's sober and very happy."

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