It has been anticipated that 2017 is a big year for the Apple Company. With this in mind, a lot of speculations have been floated around with regards to the name of the next iPhone model.

Whatever it is, the Cupertino-based tech giant knows fully well the impact of properly branding this year's variant. Since it is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, it is not surprising that the organization is having difficulty in finding the appropriate and sustaining moniker.

With three models to be released in 2017, observers believe that the 5.8-inch brand will banner the upcoming Apple products. This is the unit that will most likely to be named the iPhone X, or the iPhone 7S, or probably the iPhone 8.

Amid all the rumors circulating around, the Roman numeral may have the edge. Calling the new device the tenth version is just fitting since the tech group is celebrating a decade of iPhone presence.

Meanwhile, the S variant comes in a customary attachment to a model that is launched biannually. By following the iPhone series since the beginning, the 7S has the inside track to stick.

The iPhone 8 brand has been hanging around for quite some time now. Among the three variants to be released, the newest will possibly carry the number.

As of late, Apple is not the only company having trouble naming its devices. Samsung has joined the bandwagon as well.

Following the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, the South Korean tech giant is in a bind on what number to use next for its upcoming product. Recently, it has been leaked that the number nine will appeal to Samsung's next items.

This means that the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy Note 9 will be coming off the production lines to banner Samsung's mobile items this year. With this move, the Seoul-based tech giant may have the edge over Apple in terms of numbers.

If Samsung pushes through with its plan to employ the ninth variant, the Tim Cook-led organization may lag behind. Psychologically, the iPhone 8 is a par down than the Galaxy 9. However, Apple is itself a trendsetter which points out that it will employ its own path going forward.

In line with Apple's forthcoming iPhone launching, the Wall Street Journal states that instituting design modifications is the company's focal concern in 2017. Another revolutionary year may be in the offing if the home button is ditched and an end-to-end OLED display will be applied to the new device.