The Cannes Film Festival, which began May 15, got off to a messy start this year and the mishaps continue at the glamorous star-studded event. 

On May 16, one day after the festivities began, thieves carried off approximately $1 million in Chopard jewels, allegedly stolen from an employee's hotel room while the Swiss-based jewelry company hosted a party on the other side of town, according to USA Today

A second jewel heist took place on Tuesday, May 21, when thieves managed to make off with a $2.6 million necklace, despite the 80 security guards on duty.

Burglars broke into a Chinese film executive Zhang Qiang's rented apartment and took all of his luggage on May 16, said the Hollywood Reporter

"Security in France is so bad, and the [people] are so arrogant," the China Film Group vice president tweeted following the incident. "This film festival is not worth mentioning!"

That's not all for the thievery during the high-profile festival.

CIT Group managing director Kevin Khanna and Silver Pictures co-president Steve Richards returned to their five-bedroom villa behind the Majestic Hotel on May 20 and found all of their valuables were missing. In only the span of an hour, their cash, laptops, iPads and women's jewelry were stolen. 

Impersonators and party crashers caused trouble at the festival as well.

A French man who seemed to be part of a paparazzi crew, crashed a celebrity party on May 17 by pretending to be part of Gwyneth Paltrow's security team, USA Today reported. The man communicated with a videographer via a microphone and documented his progress as he entered the celebration, walking in right behind the actress. 

"I just got in with Gwyneth Paltrow!" he cheered in the clip. "I'm Gwyneth's new bodyguard! Challenge succeeded!"

A man who impersonated Korean rapper Psy spent a week in Cannes going to parties with celebrities. He even gave an interview to a French TV crew. The real Psy was amused by the unidentified man's actions. 

"Seems like there's another ME at Cannes ... say HI to him ... lol #PsyinSingapore," he tweeted on Wednesday, May 22.

The festival wraps on Sunday, May 26.