Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Married: Couple Facing 'Fantastic Dilemma,' What's Wrong? [VIDEO]

They're always at the center of rumors suggesting they're headed for a split, so before rumors begin to swirl they're headed for a split because they won't be attending award ceremonies for one another in the coming weeks, Nicole Kidman is revealing that success has put both her and Keith Urban in a "fantastic dilemma."

In a new interview, Kidman, who was just nominated for her an Oscar for her movie Lion, admitted that when she learned the news, the first thing she did was check to make sure her husband would be able to accompany her at the ceremony on the big night, after scheduling conflicts already led to them having to be separated on a big night for them both, where Urban will be in L.A. attending the Grammy Awards, and Kidman will be in London, attending the BAFTAs.

"Keith's up for three Grammy Awards and he's got to go to that show," Kidman said. "Keith said, 'What a fantastic dilemma to have!' But he said that I must go to the BAFTAs in London. He's so proud of me in Lion that he didn't want me to miss going."

"It's crazy that the Grammy Awards and the BAFTAs are on the same night. Keith kept saying, 'You have to go to London. You have to go,'" she said. "I did say to him, 'Well, I'll stay and go to the Grammy awards with you,' but he was adamant that I go to London."

Kidman admitted that while they would come up with alternative plans for that night for how they would see one another, they would be together for the Oscars, since Urban isn't otherwise busy that night.

"I'll Face Time him from the Red Carpet and we'll have a little chat," Kidman said of the BAFTA/Grammy conflict. "But we'll both be at the Oscars. There's nothing else for him that night so he'll come and support me."

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