Either ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Or Partnership With ‘Square Enix’ To Be Announced By Marvel In Big Reveal [Video]

Marvel fans are always game for updates from the popular studio and they got a quite big one on Wednesday when the Twitter account of the studio came up with a teaser image with the word "tomorrow" mentioned below it. Ever since it came out, speculations have also started.

The teaser image has created quite a frenzy among fans and they are speculating it to be the first trailer of Thor: Ragnarok or a partnership with Square Enix. The company did not give out any hint about the announcement, making it very clear that it is a secret. However, the curtains will come down on Thursday when a fresh update makes it to Twitter or some formal announcement is made.

Notably, Marvel is one of the most reputed companies in the entertainment world. What began as a journey of comics publication has taken shape into a multi-dimensional entertainment network that is active in movies, television as well as video games. It's cinematic universe is a cult in itself. The shows on Netflix and ABC and the animated ones on Disney XD have a huge following and thus, fans are continuously on the lookout for announcements and updates, reports Screen Rant.

The one that they made on Wednesday was a deviation from the standard as the company does not tease announcements to fans. What has made speculations turn in favour of Square Enix, is the fact that the Japanese game developer had also signalled its fans to watch out for an announcement on Thursday. Though this could be a coincidence, chances of the partnership are high. Why?

Well, Square Enix is currently producing Kingdom Hearts III, the roleplaying video game whose characters mix with Disney characters like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. This allows players to venture into the fantasy world of Disney films and now that Marvel is under the control of Disney, it could be that the Marvel characters are making a crossover to Kingdom Hearts.

It is worth mentioning here that in 2014, Tai Yasue, the co-director of Kingdom Hearts III, had said that Marvel characters were not off-limits. So, is it that Marvel and Square Enix have inked a deal to work together remains to be seen.

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