Jon Hamm recently spoke on where and how his iconic Mad Men character Don Draper would be nowadays.

The final episode of AMC's landmark drama Mad Men left things off in 1970, with a seemingly-enlightened Don Draper meditating in a field, finally finding happiness. It then cuts to the "Hilltop" Coke commercial, suggesting that Don may have come up with the iconic advertisement himself.

So does Hamm think Don would still be alive today? The actor admitted on the Rich Eisen Show recently that it's unlikely.

"He'd be in his 80s (now) and there ain't no way that guy is getting into his 80s without a massive lifestyle shift, which maybe he did at the end of the show, but I don't think that stuck," Hamm said. "I don't think that zen moment of understanding of anything really stuck."

Hamm has been open about his disdain for Don's overall personality in the past, telling The Guardian in 2013 that he is a "pretty dismal, despicable guy." The actor added: "Why I would want to take him home with me I don't know... It's a strange thing. People tell me they look up to Don, like they look up to Tony Soprano or Walter White. People have these weird fascinations with people who in reality you would not want to be for a second. There seems to be that vicarious thrill. Maybe it is the fact of doing everything wrong and getting away with it."

Speaking with Eisen, Hamm also discussed Mad Men having a contemplative ending rather than something easy and satisfying for fans to digest.

"I thought it was a very poetic, very nice way to end the show, and also very cryptic, which sticks in the realm of the show's vocabulary anyway," Hamm explained to Eisen. "It's nice to talk about a show you like and not have it have to be spoon fed to you."

Mad Men ended in 2015 after seven seasons on AMC.