'Fallout 4' 2017 Beta Update For PC Now Available On Steam

Good news await "Fallout 4" players as updates are out now in beta version on PC. The "Fallout 4" updates were released by Bethesda together with "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition" on Steam.

According to Gamespot, the latest "Fallout 4" update is mainly comprised of a support for high-resolution texture pack on PC as well as enhancements for the PlayStation 4 version. The "Fallout 4" texture pack is set to be available by next week as a free download.

Bethesda describes the free "Fallout 4" version 1.9 as their "love letter" to their fans on PC. However, players must note that the latest "Fallout 4" update requires high-end PC specs with at least 8 GB GTX 1080.

Other features of the newest "Fallout 4" update includes expanded ways in which mods can be browsed, the ability to sort through Most Favorited or Highest Rated and a new Featured category. Stability improvements and unspecified performance tweaks are also part of the "Fallout 4" update.

The latest "Fallout 4" beta update patch also features improvements to reporting mods categories, improved Bethesda.net error messaging and fixed occasional crashes while going through the Load Order menu. The free downloadable "Fallout 4" update is already available on Steam. However, Bethesda has yet to announce when it will be officially released on consoles and PC.

According to Express UK, Bethesda will be rolling out the official "Fallout 4" PS4 Pro Patch next week. The "Fallout 4" PS4 Pro Patch will mainly enhance the graphic features and lighting of the game. However, players must manage their expectations as it will not come with 4K resolution.

Players take the "Fallout 4" beta update as a good sign because it is considered as a prelude for the upcoming official High Resolution Pack. According to PC Gamer, players need to right click "Fallout 4" in their Steam library to take part in the "Fallout 4" beta update.


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