Dakota Johnson Interview: 'Fifty Shades' Star 'Can't Win' When Talking About Sex [VIDEO]

Fifty Shades Darker star Dakota Johnson simply cannot win when it comes to interviews about sex.

Johnson often has to field questions about her sex life, her favorite sexual positions, her favorite sex toys and more considering her association with the Fifty Shades film franchise. The actress, who plays Anastasia Steele, spoke about this on Late Night with Seth Meyers this week, admitting that the questions are often used to prompt clickbait headlines.

 "The other day I had someone ask me what my favorite sex toy was, which is like...inappropriate," Johnson told host Seth Meyers. "I was like, 'That's an inappropriate question.'...I can't answer in the right way. I said, 'I don't have one. Let's move on.' But then the headline was like: 'She Doesn't Have One Favorite Sex Toy.' I can't win! I either hate sex toys --- so why am I doing this movie? -- or I love them and I'm a sex fiend."

Meyers then suggested that she just make up a sex toy, "Be like, 'The Scrambler.' And if they don't know what a scrambler is, say, 'You should find out-it's going to change your life!'"

Meyers also asked about the masks featured prominently in the second Fifty Shades film especially, prompting her with, "Do you find the masks alluring?" Johnson then quipped, "If I answer this question, they'll be like, 'She Loves Masks.'"

Fifty Shades Darker is scheduled for release in theaters on Feb. 10. The film also stars Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey, Kim Basinger as Elena Lincoln, Luke Grimes as Elliot Grey, Marcia Gay Harden as Grace Trevelyan-Grey, Rita Ora as Mia Grey, Tyler Hoechlin as Boyce Fox, Eloise Mumford as Kate Kavanagh, Eric Johnson as Jack Hyde and Bella Heathcote as Leila Williams.

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