'Jane The Virgin' Season 3 Spoilers: What's Next After Michael's Death - Hints Of Mysterious Wedding, Will Jane Remarry?

"Jane The Virgin" season 3 viewers were dumbfounded when they found out that Michael, the love of Jane's life, faced death. Given that it was too good to be true, fans who were rooting for Jane and Michael were really caught off guard with the sudden turn of events.

The death of Michael in "Jane The Virgin" season 3 was really a surprising plot twist with no apparent clues from the last episode of what's about to happen next. Although Jane and Michael's relationship was far from a bed of roses, at the end of the day, the two were happy and contented with each other.

According to The Washington Post, perhaps the only tell-tale sign that something big was about to happen in "Jane The Virgin" season 3 was when several cast members encouraged fans to watch the series live. Little did the viewers know that the end of that episode would be a 360-degree change to Jane's life.

In the previous episodes, Michael tittered on the borderline of life and death when he suffered a gunshot wound. Many have expected that instance to be the death of Michael. However, he eventually got better and moved on to start his married life with Jane. Little did the fans know that that gunshot wound would haunt Michael in "Jane The Virgin" season 3 and cause his demise.

A lot of fans took to social media to express their feelings and emotions after watching the latest episode of "Jane The Virgin" season 3. What makes the death of Michael more tragic was that he and Jane recently recreated their first date to make up for the stressful events that have been happening in their respective lives. However, USA Today reports that showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman assures fans that things will get brighter for Jane.

Amid the tragedy and sadness brought about by Michael's death, the next episode of "Jane The Virgin" season 3 hints on a mysterious wedding which has fans wondering whose wedding could it be? Will there be a time jump? Will Jane remarry after a few years? Catch the next episode of "Jane The Virgin" on Feb. 13 on The CW.


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