Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift Friends No More; ‘Photograph’ Hitmaker Reportedly Praises Katy Perry

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are no longer friends as claimed by some reports after Ed praising Katy Perry on public. It has been reported that Ed broke the friendship code and publicly gushed about Katy Perry who was considered Taylor's arch-nemesis.

According to a report, Ed Sheeran crashed Katy's BBC 1 Radio interview last February 22 and the singer had nothing but great things for Perry. Because of this, some reports were claiming that Taylor Swift got mad about what Ed did.

Even if this has never been confirmed, it looks like Ed Sheeran might be receiving a phone call from his friend anytime soon. Obviously, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift's feud has played out in the public eye since 2014. In fact, some were saying that Katy Perry is the subject of Taylor's song, "Bad Blood" as per Mirror.

Reports were swirling that people have wondered how Ed became friends with Taylor Swift. It can be recalled that Taylor's squad has rules to follow and points they have to agree with while they are in the singer's squad.

Some of the rules that every member should follow while they are in Taylor Swift's squad include being supportive with everything that Taylor does. They should also never badmouth Taylor in public and that they should show up for periodic photo-ops. Lastly, they should never say anything about Katy Perry which Ed Sheeran just did.

Taylor Swift spat with Katy Perry has captured the public and the media which started last 2014 over backup dancers for their respective tours. Taylor reportedly did not call Katy or discuss the matter like adults. The two ended up playing a high school catfight while forcing the whole world to watch them fight as reported by E! News.

With all those reports, it looks like Ed Sheeran is not really a typical member of Taylor Swift's squad. People are aware that he has a successful career even without relying on Taylor's popularity. That's why people are sceptical if praising Katy Perry will affect his relationship with Swift.

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