Taylor Swift And Karlie Kloss’ Friendship Over Because Of Tom Hiddleston [Report]

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss were best of friends before but because of Tom Hiddleston, the two reportedly ended their friendship. Taylor and Tom dated for a brief time only but their split sparked varied speculations.

People have witnessed the glorious days of Hiddleswift that paired Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift. However, the romance flew so quickly that it only lasted for few months. People and the fans could still recall the infamous photo of Tom wearing the "I heart TS" shirt while they were on the beach.

The ex-couple's split was so fast and immediate perhaps maybe because the relationship has been considered as famewhore. Even Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift were aware of it and that they broke up on amicable terms as per E! News. After the split, Tom and Taylor were so busy repairing their public reputation in the midst of the PR disasters.

Until a report has claimed that the reason for the split was more than just PR-related. Some reports were saying that Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss fought over Tom Hiddleston. Some sources were saying that Karlie had warned Taylor that it was a bad idea in the first place. Then Taylor reacted and accused her best friend of being jealous.

After that reported incident, Taylor Swift And Karlie Kloss have not spoken since then. But some sources were claiming that Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift have been strained for a short period of time. The reason being that all things between then were not that balanced.

It has been reported that Taylor Swift was always the one calling the shots and Karlie Kloss eventually was considered as her minion. According to a report, it's very exhausting to be in Taylor Swift's "Squad" not forgetting the interviews, meetings, and the photo-ops as per Cosmopolitan.

Some even said that all of Taylor's friends should be supportive of everything she does and many women are still aspiring to get a spot in the popular Taylor Swift squad. Perhaps, there was a reason why Karlie Kloss lost her spot and it's not Tom Hiddleston.

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