Nintendo has announced that Switch will be home to more than 60 Nindie games this year with three already confirmed for the March 3 release date.

Nintendo has announced a new video broadcast for the Nintendo Switch, which will showcase some of the independently developed games coming to the hybrid console. However the latest reports currently suggesting that "Snipperclips" will be available to the console on March 3rd.

The news is coming via Daan Koopman, who is a writer/YouTuber for GoNintendo. According to Koopman a Dutch PR email has confirmed the details that says "Snipperclips" will be available at launch on March 3 for Nintendo Switch, for a price of €19.99.

"Snipperclips" is a co-operative puzzle game, for up to four players, which is coming in Nintendo Switch. In the game, player controls two characters named Snip and Clip, who possess shaped bodies that can be rotated in place but only when two characters overlap each other. One player can cut the overlapped portion out of the other player, altering the shape of their body, as per Daily Star.

Nintendo has also confirmed that there will be more than 60 "indie" games on the Nintendo Switch's eShop this year. Those that will be available at launch on March 3 including Shovel Knight and its Specter of Torment expansion, plus the racing game Fast RMX, Game Spot reported.

Nintendo of Europe will also be hosting a Nindies Showcase video presentation, to celebrate many of the upcoming "Nindie" creations before the official launch of Nintendo Switch. The event will happen on 28th February, at 17:30 GMT.

Right now Nintendo has been quiet about its Virtual Console plans for the Nintendo Switch. The gaming company has confirmed that its highly anticipated console will not launch with support for all of the precious Virtual Console titles.

Nintendo has confirmed three Nindie games, which are planned to launch in Europe at the same time as the games on March 3. This includes "FAST RMX", "Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment" and "Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove."