Justin Bieber Upset That Selena Gomez Is Opening For The Weeknd's Musical: Report

The dating rumors and close scenes between Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have been ringing the till, but they have also driven Justin Bieber up the wall. For Selena, The Weeknd would be a great PR opening for her rise in publicity. However, he is reportedly making Justin Bieber go crazy.

There were reports in In Touch that Justin Bieber is "spiraling" and might have even "snapped." He is rumored to have sworn that he would take on The Weeknd if he runs into him anywhere. But on her side, the "It Ain't Me" singer, Selena Gomez, firmly made it clear that she was done with the "Sorry" singer, who always kept a yo-yo relationship with her. His drinking, partying all night and disloyalty made her sing firmly that "We stopped seeing eye-to-eye/You were staying out all night/And I had enough."

Recently, it was rumored that Selena Gomez would feature in the opening scenes of The Weeknd's recent tour. However, even if it might not even be true, the rumor was already ringing bells all over the Internet. Hence, most of Selena's fans do believe in the rumors, including Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber had earlier declared that he is a great 'fan' of Selena Gomez. He was also a close friend of The Weeknd. Both facts began to crumble once the two - Selena and The Weeknd - began to date. Justin began to get upset at the thought. Moreover, the news that both of them were coming together in the music department was also not to his liking, as he had always presumed that he was Selena's preference in that.

Sadly for him, all these rumors have certainly driven a knife into Justin Bieber's heart. There are other rumors that he warned that he would be writing a revenge song on The Weeknd. However, that rumor has been completely scorched by Gossip Cop. 


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