Princess Diana Memories Haunt Her Boyfriend James Hewitt

James Hewitt has never managed to let go of Princess Diana and memories of his affair with her. For five years, he was spotted going around with her. Talking about their relationship got him a lot of media coverage. There are even rumors that James Hewitt is really the father of Prince Harry.

Hence, James Hewitt continues to drive past a little cottage where he used to meet Princess Diana, even though someone else is living in it now. He shares a small two-bedroom apartment with his mother in Exeter, England. And even though he and Diana ended their affair back in 1991, James Hewitt has not been able to move ahead. In 1997, Princess Diana was claimed by a car accident in a Paris tunnel.

James Hewitt thinks about Princess Diana all the time, every day. One source told New Idea Magazine, that he hardly leaves his house that he shares with his mother. At times, he can even be seen parking outside a tiny cottage where he often met Diana for some romantic weekends. At times, "He spends hours in his car, just staring at the house."

It was in 2011 that he sank into depression, James Hewitt confessed. He told media houses that he even went to France so that he could shoot himself. However, his mother stopped him from doing it. James Hewitt has debunked rumors that he might be Prince Harry's biological father. He insisted that his affair with Princess Diana started only after her second child with Prince Charles had been born. The dates do not add up, insists Princess Diana's former royal protection officer, Ken Wharf, according to Nzherald. 

However, James Hewitt has made some money from his affair with Princess Diana by talking about their affair television talk shows. He has also sold their love letters for about $16 million dollars. He has reportedly never fought shy of selling the evidence of their love affair, according to Mail Online. 

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