Angelina Jolie Loves Bugs - Is That Bugging Or Healthy?


Angelina Jolie just revealed a strange, deadly, toxic side to her - her love for bugs. She showed the hard part of a tarantula, in which it hid its teeth. She just explained that people should draw the teeth out. Angelina also stir-fried a handful of scorpions and spiders. And just that was sensational enough.

Angelina Jolie explained eating bugs to BBC News: "Crickets, you start with crickets. Crickets and a beer and then you kind of move up to tarantulas." She then showed how the tarantula fangs could be removed.

While Angelina Jolie loves bugs and insects, they are not savored as a snack in western countries. Many people are actually appalled by the "yucky" factor in it. While a number of cuisines include bugs, you might get totally repelled. But experts affirm that insects and bugs - and that includes butterflies, moths, beetles, ants, grasshoppers, crickets and cockroaches - are a fascinating source of protein.

There are people all over the world who eat insect protein every day, says Ontario's Entomo Farms, which manufactures cricket flour, powder, and insect protein. About 33 percent of the global population or 2 billion people consume insect protein every day. This is a process that ranges from "from Mexico to Asia and many countries in between."

Being a great source of protein and iron, omega-3 fatty acids and less in fat and calories, Angelina Jolie's bugs need not bug us. They are also rich for manufacturing "exponentially fewer greenhouse gases" compared to cattle and other livestock. They are also "less taxing" on farms and fresh water products and resources.

All over the world, there are 1,900 diverse species of insects that can be eaten as "entomophagy" or consuming insect food, says the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Beetles are the most common source of fodder, but you need to eat a spider before you decide not to if you don't want to. Angelina Jolie found the bug tarantula's flavor quite tasty and mouth-watering.


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