"Attack on Titan" Season 2 premieres in April as the publisher Kodansha Comics has confirmed the return of the anime series. The manga volume featured a special wraparound jacket band through which the announcement was made.

Fans waiting for the return of "Attack on Titan" Season 2 have great news as publisher Kodansha Comics has announced that the anime series would return in April, Comicbook claimed. The publisher confirmed the comeback of "Attack on Titan" Season 2 at the recent twenty-first volume publication of the popular Japanese manga series.

The news has come as a delight for fans waiting for "Attack on Titan" Season 2 for months. Notably, the series was scheduled to return last year only but it was delayed to give the animators more source material. When Season 2 was confirmed in Nov. 2014, it was expected that the series would come back in 2016. It did not but eventually, the anime is back and it is on expected lines, in keeping with Japanese television premiere timeline.

According to IGN, Funimation has revealed the simulcast date for "Attack on Titan" Season 2 through a post on its official website. It also unveiled a new piece of promotional art for the series which is a colorful poster featuring the chief characters. Going by the looks, the second season does seem as promising as the first one.

What is more, Funimation has released the first official footage of "Attack on Titan" Season 2 which is available for fans. It has been directed by Masashi Koizuka, who was the episode director in the previous season. However, Tetsuro Araki is also involved with the anime and serves as the chief director for Season 2. So, fans can look forward to the same badass flavor that they had seen in the twenty-five episodes of Season 1.

It may be mentioned here that "Attack on Titan" Season 1 debuted in 2013 and when it ended, the anime series had become a hit across the globe, so much so that when "Attack on Titan" Season 2 got delayed, fans resorted to watching the Season 1 episodes.