"Pokemon Go" fans are delighted to know that there are at least three major updates waiting for the Niantic game this year. This latest development was announced by CEO John Hanke during the Mobile World Congress 2017.

According to Droid Report, the update for "Pokemon Go" will focus on three major updates - gym rework, PvP and trading. Game enthusiasts believe these features will be introduced in the later part of the year.

"Pokemon Go" is one of the most popular augmented games. However, Hanke still believes that a major update for the Niantic game could be implemented. He thinks that there is a very limited gameplay in the arenas because the gym do not function the way trainers wants them to.

As a result, "Pokemon Go" will have a gym rework as part of the major update. It will provide players with more teamwork, incentives and rewards for joining the gym. This year, the first major update of the Niantic game was the arrival of Gen 2 Pokemon. If the gym rework will be pushed through, it will be the second major update of 2017.

Another major that gamers are looking forward to is trading with in "Pokemon Go" game. Hanke has mentioned that they are developing how players can trade Pokemon and battle each other. Trading in "Pokemon Go" can be done only in close proximity, not via Internet according to senior product manager Tatsuo Nomura. "The developers at Niantic would think a lot about how players can trade monsters and fight against each other," Hake said in a report by Pokemon Go Hub.

Aside from gym rework and trading, Niantic is also expected to introduce a legendary Pokemon named Mew, Mewtwo and another three elemental birds in "Pokemon Go." There are no other details regarding this specific major update this year.