Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson reunion is highly anticipated by the fans of the former couple. However, the "Twilight" actors have debunked the rumors that suggested that there is a possibility of the duo coming together for "Twilight" reboot. In their respective interviews, the couple confirmed that they will not be reprising their characters as Edward and Bella.

According to reports from Metro, Stewart has revealed that after having done five "Twilight" movies, she is like done with it. She also feels that they have done justice to the series with their portrayal of their characters. And now, she would not be reprising her character, Bella for "Twilight" reboot. So a Stewart and Pattinson reunion might not just happen.

In an interview, Stewart was also heard saying that with time they as well as their fans have grown up and rather than reprising their "Twilight" characters, their fans would rather love to see them portraying newer and challenging characters. However, the actress is very excited about a new Twilight book that Stephenie Meyer is currently working on.

Pattinson was also heard echoing the same thoughts as Stewart. Thus, fans, who had their hopes high for a Stewart and Pattinson reunion it is sad news as the former couple will not be back for "Twilight" reboot.

It must be mentioned here that Patrick Wachsberger, the co-chairman of Lionsgate mentioned last year in an interview that if Stephenie Meyer is willing to tell another story, they will be by her side, Screen Rant reported. And this also led to the speculations that Stewart and Pattinson reunion will happen for "Twilight" reboot.

However, with Stewart and Pattinson debunking the rumors of their reunion, it is surely a sad time for the fans who expected the former couple would be together for "Twilight" reboot.