"Pokemon Go" fans will be delighted as Niantic Lab CEO John Hanke already confirmed that the legendary Pokemon is expected to arrive this year. Aside from that, the next major update for popular video game will focus on gym renovation.

According to Android Authority, the much-anticipated "Pokemon Go" feature may arrive soon. It was confirmed by Niantic's CEO John Hanke as he revealed that the legendary Pokemon are certainly hitting the popular game this year.

It was also noted that during an interview, Hanke was asked if Pokemon such as Mewtwo Mew, Zapdos, Articuno or Moltres were going to arrive for "Pokemon Go" any moment soon. But then, the Niantic's CEO stated that more of that will be coming out this year. With his statement, it is now safe to conclude that legendary Pokemon will hit the game aside from the three legendary birds that were previously reported.

Furthermore, Siliconera has learned that the next major update for "Pokemon Go" will be focusing on playing with other Pokemon trainers and refining gym battles. It is worth mentioning that there isn't really a lot the players can do in gyms within the video game. Nevertheless, these things could change with the forthcoming upgrades which might add extra duties and happenings within the gyms.

Niantic's CEO, John Hanke also mentioned that the company will be renovating the gym battle element within the "Pokemon Go" as it is presently limited. Additionally, aside from refining the gym battles in "Pokemon Go," the developers also have plans of providing better incentives and rewards for players to partake in the modernized gym battles.

As of this moment, it is not yet revealed when these modifications for the "Pokemon GO" will take place. But then, it is still nice to know that Niantic Lab still have plans in improving its popular game and it is advised to keep an eye for further announcements from the developer.