'Deadpool 2' Latest News & Updates: Singer Janelle Monae Could be Domino; Casting Still the Case of Sequel?

"Deadpool 2" is still in the process of picking their lead stars, two of which are most valuable for the sequel. As the X-Men franchise bid farewell to the pioneer Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in "Logan" as their last portrayals of their characters, the separate universe that Deadpool will be in has other problems of its own and may welcome fresh faces in.

Ryan Reynolds has officially stapled his position as the Merc with a Mouth, Wade Wilson, otherwise known as Deadpool. After a successful run in the 2016 titular film, a sequel was spilled by the actor himself but he did not mention the start that will join him in the upcoming "Deadpool 2." Now, the bids are starting to be more intense, with the position of Domino being an interesting point.

According to a clip from That Hashtag Show, some of the most recognized names that could make the cut in "Deadpool 2" is singer-actress Janelle Monae. With numerous rumors roaming around, Monae is said to be one of the closest ones to play Domino, the other being Kerry Washington. Monae recalled for being part of the Best Picture masterpiece "Moonlight," was also declared as the forerunner of the character.

In the past, as per Screen Rant, Mackenzie Davis was rumored on playing Domino, although no confirmation of said news has emerged. Another notable concern is the secondary protagonist Cable, announced officially as part of "Deadpool 2" but seems to be causing quite a stir in the community. Pierce Brosnan is a name that became prominent at one point, alongside Dolph Lundgren and Stephen Lang.

"Deadpool 2" is expected to release within 2018, with further details still being kept under wraps. A recent teaser went all over the public which started during the opening week of "Logan," now going viral with uncounted views online. Stay posted for more news and updates.

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