Microsoft Surface Phone is reported to be taking a backseat in favor of a new smartphone. Another Windows 10 mobile device is expected to be launched before 2017 ends. 

Although the Microsoft Surface Phone does not officially exist yet, smartphone users are already hyped with its awesome specs and features. However, Windows Report recently revealed that the most coveted phone in the portfolio of the tech giant will not be released this year.

At the Mobile World congress 2017 held in Barcelona, Microsoft did not make any announcement regarding the Surface Phone. The new smartphone is expected to cost from $699 up to $1,100. It will three variants powered by Snapdragon 835 CPU with a 5.7-inch screen display according to a report by Trusted Reviews.

Some believe that the postponement of the release date of Microsoft Surface Phone is purely a company strategy. Looking at the business outcomes of CEO Satya Nadella in the past, they have always produced good results. Also, there is still good news for those who are disappointed with the recent development of Microsoft Surface Phone. Another Windows 10 mobile device is expected to be launched this year with a PC-like feature.

Nadella also said that the company is working on an ultimate mobile device. Some would like to believe that it is a confirmation of the Microsoft Surface Phone.

Though Microsoft is struggling to take a meaningful market share from Apple and Google, Nadella said that they will continue to be in the phone industry. They want their smartphones not to be defined by the market leaders, "but by what it is that we can uniquely do in what is the most ultimate mobile device." This could be a clue of what fans can expect from the Surface Phone when it hits the market.