"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers for March 16-17 shows the Forrester family on their way to Australia for Liam and Steffy's wedding. They boarded a jet and everyone is happy that the whole family is together.

Then again, despite the happy atmosphere, there are also tensions at the side as suspicions on Ridge and Quinn affair grows. It is possible that the two may finally be caught in the upcoming "The Bold and the Beautiful" episodes.

Ridge, Quinn and Katie

Soap Hub pointed out that since the space in the plane is limited, the interactions between the passengers would be impossible to hide. Thus, the chemistry and unusual moves of Ridge and Quinn did not go unnoticed.

In particular, Katie noticed that something is going on between Ridge and Quinn. She can see that their actions are not that of a stepmother and a stepson but rather something else. To find some answers, Katie made it her mission to catch the pair.

"The Bold and Beautiful" spoilers also revealed that Katie will tell Brooke about her suspicions but her sister will not believe her and thinks it is a ridiculous idea. Katie will still try to convince her sister to approach Ridge and confront him about his affair with Quinn.

Brooke and Eric

Brooke will brush off everything that Katie had told her and she will convince herself that there is nothing going on between the two. However, "The Bold and the Beautiful" teaser suggests that Brooke might be witnessing something that will lead to chaos while they are in Australia.

Meanwhile, "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoiler shows Eric and Brooke having some time for themselves. They will enjoy a cozy chat about their current partners, with the former assuring the latter that she is the right woman for his son Ridge. They will eventually start to reminisce about their past and the love they had over the years.

Finally, once Ridge and Quinn's affair is discovered in "The Bold and the Beautiful," a reunion between Brooke and Eric may happen as they are likely to rely on each other for support. It will be a big mess but many fans are hoping that they will be back together.