Selena Gomez Opens Up About Struggling With Fame, Health, Past Relationships [Report]

Selena Gomez just opened up about her struggle with her fame and her current health condition. It can be recalled that she was treated in a rehab facility in Tennessee because of depression and anxiety caused by her illness.

As part of her first cover story with Vogue Magazine, Selena Gomez had a no-holds-barred interview regarding all the things she does not want to dish in some of her other interviews. To elucidate, she broke her silence about her health as well as her Dialectical Behavior Therapy or the DBT.

In the interview, Selena Gomez shared that the DBT therapy actually helped her changed her life completely. She also expressed her hopes that more women should talk about therapy as typically, women were taught to be almost resilient, strong, sexy, cool, and laid-back and the woman who is down. According to the singer, women also need to feel that they are allowed to fall apart as featured on Vogue.

But with her latest remarks and confessions about her life, some people were wondering if her words were actually hints at something in the future. Some reports have claimed that Selena Gomez was back in her drinking habits in full force as she joins her boyfriend, The Weeknd on most of his tours. It has been reported before that her mother is not really into their romance.

According to some witnesses and reports, Selena Gomez was spotted drinking non-stop during The Weeknd's Paris concert. The two together with some of their friends, even stayed awake the whole night so they could basically party. With this, some of her fans were thinking if he is really a good influence on her since if his girlfriend just came out from rehab, he would have discouraged her from partying.

Before she entered the rehab facility last year, Selena Gomez got depressed then she had anxiety, started drinking hard and partying then she went into denial and finally had breakdown as per US Magazine. Unfortunately, it will really be saddening on her part as well as on her family if this will happen again if she will go back to these ways.

In fact, Selena Gomez's experience is a patter among celebrities and also for most of people. But it looks like those celebrities how come from Disney channel are susceptible to mental health breakdowns and issues.

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