Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's secret visit to the Natural History Museum in London recently only intensified speculations they will get engaged soon. The museum visit was not just an ordinary tour but more like a romantic date since it was a private after-dark visit with all the lit-up dinosaurs as a backdrop. Harry and Markle were together most of the time prior to their private tour of the museum.

Harry reportedly arranged the private museum tour since Markle liked to see the Natural History Museum. The couple managed to slip into the museum after closing hours on Sunday.

Harry and Markle previously attended Tom Inskip's wedding in Jamaica. The after-wedding party went on until the wee hours, but the couple left early to enjoy the night in private. Inskip is one of the closest friends of Harry.

Reports show that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have spent most of the first two months of the year together, according to The Daily Beast. Markle has stayed at Harry's Nottingham Cottage at the Kensington Palace grounds for long periods. The couple has been seen in public more often since they started dating last July.

Harry has been romantically linked to various women in the past, but his relationship with Markle is the most visible one. The Toronto-based actress has engaged in various United Nations humanitarian activities especially when it comes to advocating women's participation in leadership and political participation. Markle is known as Rachel Zane in the "Suits" television series and as agent Amy Jessup in the "Fringe" science fiction thriller.

Harry has introduced Markle to his family including Prince William and his wife Kate, and even Prince Charles. Harry and Markle have been very vocal about their relationship, and have exerted little effort to hide their love affair. Harry, however, sought privacy from the media.

Markle will fly to Canada at the end of the month to film "Suits", according to The Sun. Markle will have to decide soon if she wants to make London her home base now that her relationship with Harry looks serious. The "Suits" actress loves to cook and concocts new dishes for Prince Harry.