"Captain America" star Chris Evans has criticized United States President Donald Trump online. He has lambasted Trump on Twitter and called him a hate-monger and a bully. His advisors, however, cautioned him to stop bashing Trump on social media if he does not want to face the consequence.

Evans of the "Captain America" fame admitted in a recent interview that his advisors told him to tone it down. The advisors were worried that his films would not get as much patronage from moviegoers if he kept on bashing Trump.

Marvel Studio's "Captain America" lead star criticized Trump when he got elected.  In November last year just after the election, Evans expressed on Twitter his devastation that America allowed a hate-monger to lead the nation and a bully to set its course. His advisors also reminded him to stop criticizing Trump's associates, but Evans said he does not mind if not all people agree with him, according to Metro.

"Captain America" star Chris Evans said he has to sell tickets but could not look himself in the mirror if he didn't speak up about something he felt strongly about. He said he is okay even if people do not want to see his movies as a result of this.

Evans has played the lead in "Captain America" since 2011. He has signed a contract with Marvel Studios but only for six pictures. He has played the role of Steve Rogers in the "Captain America" franchise and will soon be seen in two more "Avengers" movies.

This has given rise to reports that "Avengers" Infinity War would probably be among his last movies with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"Captain America" or Evans was a known supporter of Hilary Clinton during the last election, according to Daily Mail. He admitted he could not believe that she would be defeated by the billionaire host of "The Celebrity Apprentice". He might alienate his fans with his anti-Trump rants, but Evans said his personal values is more important than self-preservation.