"Winds of Winter" book has no official release date until now and because information about it are hard to come by, fans have started to form their own theories as to why George R.R. Martin has not finished his book yet. The latest speculation is that the book is delayed due to "Game of Thrones" TV series.

Moreover, although fans have been demanding the release of "Winds of Winter" for some time now, Martin remained silent about the publishing date of his sixth book. Instead, he previously hinted that the book is in progress and he is still writing some chapters. This bit of update made fans really excited and the anticipation for the release grows even more.

Cause of Delay

So, is "Game of Thrones" really causing the "Winds of Winter" delay? Some fans think so. Someone posted on Reddit that the book's publisher Random House was able to put Martin on the right track so he can finish his work fast. However, it was said that the author lost his focus due to the popularity of GoT, the TV adaptation of the "A Song of Ice and Fire."

Further, the book's editor was reported to have asked for two major battles to be added to the next books so Martin will need more time to tweak the "Winds of Winter." Apparently, changing something in the story will need extra time for the novel to be completed.

Meanwhile, Martin shared what he is up to these days. The author probably gave some update to assure fans that he is working on the much-awaited book.

On his blog, he wrote, "My own March has been pretty damned mad, however. Hard to believe half the month is gone already."

He added, "There's been the huge new Wild Cards deal, the Wild Cards reread, lots of stuff with HBO that I cannot talk about yet, and of course - always, always - WINDS OF WINTER."

Release Date

According to Blasting News, it is possible that the "Winds of Winter" is coming out on George R.R. Martin's 70th birthday. If calculated, the book is set for release in September 2018.