Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition Still Scarce; Capcom’s The Disney Afternoon Collection Might Solve Fans Stock Problems [VIDEO]

Until this moment, the Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition stocks are still scarce; but then it appears that a solution is on its way. Capcom's The Disney Afternoon Collection might hit the market shelves next month and it might be the answer to the shortage of the retro console units.

According to Daily Express, the Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition has once again disappeared from the market shelves as well as on online stores. This scenario has left many players incapable of obtaining the retro console. Nevertheless, the hunters of the device last resort are to go online and utilize a third-party market to purchase the handset. Nevertheless, this means that they will have to pay a lot more the gadget's original cost.

Despite the scarcity in Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition stocks, Daily Star has learned that a solution is coming next month. This was in the form of Capcom's The Disney Collection which is a slice of sentimental retro gaming which is explicitly from the Nintendo NES era.

Capcom is slated to launch The Disney Afternoon Collection in April and it has a collection of six games. The said video games that comprise the gadget features adored Disney TV characters and all of it already appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System way back early 1990s.

The games included in The Disney Afternoon Collection are; "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers," "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2," "Darkwing Duck," "DuckTales," "DuckTales 2," TaleSpin." Similar to the games incorporated in Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition, these six titles haven't been remastered and it was only played in its classic 8-bit style. The most interesting part is that this six-game collection is also coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on April 18.

With the availability of Capcom's The Disney Afternoon Collection, it is hoped that it might resolve the Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition stock shortage. When it comes with the price, it will be tagged at a bargain cost of £15.99.

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