'Venom' Movie Latest News & Updates: Film to Get R-Rating, Starts New Universe; More Spider-Man Characters Coming

"Venom," the titular standalone movie that Sony plans to bring soon, has been confirmed on getting its rating. After the norms that came about around the Marvel flicks, the particular game-changing approach towards standalone films may start soon.

According to Collider, fans of the web-slinger Spider-Man could are excited to have the hero on the big screen once more care of "Spider-Man: Homecoming," but more so with his all-time villain, Venom, finally coming to the big screen. The team behind it confirmed that the symbiote antagonist will be rated R, following the likes of "Deadpool" and "Logan" in the past.

It was also confirmed that "Venom" will be set in a separate universe from that of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), given that Sony is holding the right to do so. The upcoming film will not be under the jurisdiction of Kevin Feige but will instead fall under Tom Rothman, Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group. Furthermore, there will be a series of films under the particular management which are yet to be confirmed on whether they will also land an R-rating.

As per Screen Rant, "Venom" will not be the only rendition based off the Spider-Man franchise. It was said that there will also be a "Black Cat" and "Silver Sable" film to surface in due time, but with the details still bleak. For the time being, it is also still in question as to whether the "Venom" origin will be that of the comic book, as well as, if it will be told in a sequential manner.

The first Venom was authentically Peter Parker, but after discovering that the symbiote is an alien entity that preys on its hosts, Peter decided to let go of it, now transferring to the next and most popular one to date, Eddie Brock. It is yet to be revealed if Brock will be the host in the movie, as there were successors that took the mantle respectively. "Venom" is scheduled to launch on October 5, 2018.

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