'Rush Hour 4' Director Brett Ratner Confirms Idea Could Happen; Here's What We Know

"Rush Hour 4" may just be what fans need to get things going after the many years the series has stayed dormant. This was confirmed by the man behind the films themselves, director Brett Ratner-or at least the idea of the fourth film coming into fruition.

According to Movie Web, Ratner said that talks of "Rush Hour 4" have already happened and it is a project that they are deeply looking into. The script, the production and casting are still yet to be confirmed, but it is ideally close to being a reality. Ratner even said that they could call it "Grumpy Old Rush Hour," without any concrete disclosures just yet.

Ratner also said that he may still have to sort out the characters to be included in "Rush Hour 4," but definitely want the classic tandem of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan to return. A slot for two more characters is being talked about, and while no solid information has ascended, it could be for supporting roles primarily. No villains, plot or release dates were revealed by Ratner thus far, although the director had to somewhat "rant" on what Hollywood's future holds.

As per Entertainment Weekly, Ratner spoke on the breaking tendencies of movie critical site Rotten Tomatoes, and what it could cause for movie goers everywhere. For many occasions, the said site has given a hefty number of reviews to those that are curious on how a certain film fares, but there were some critical responses that somewhat misled viewers. One example is "Batman v Superman," which Ratner believes to have suffered massively from the site. The director says that simply because a certain review claims that a movie may not be as perfect, it does not mean that it is not worth seeing-adding that he admires the classic movie critiquing in the past.

What do you think of "Rush Hour 4?" Stay posted for more news and updates.

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