Taylor Swift Social Media Absence: 'Wildest Dreams' Singer In Rehab Or Just Busy Making New Music - Fans Weigh In

Taylor Swift isn't who she is now without social media which is why her apparent absence not only in social media but in the public eye has been making her fans a little bit testy. Due to the lack of information about her absence from the public eye, the fans' imagination has been left to run wild.

According to CNN, a lot of theories have been swirling in an attempt by the fans to fathom Swift's absence in social media. From depression to possible death threats, many outrageous speculations pointing to Taylor Swift's social media absence have been revealed. Among the said speculations include one very possible angle, and that is the "Blank Space" singer might be pulling a Selena Gomez on all her fans. It can be remembered that Selena Gomez withdrew from the public eye and social media only to return a few months after to admit that she had spent her time away in a rehab.

Of course, fans of the "Wildest Dreams" singer are quick to defend the celebrity, saying that there is no reason for their idol to go to rehab. In fact, Swift has been making rare appearances here and there. According to Time, Swift hasn't really ceased in producing music.

 However, critics voiced out that after her whirlwind romance with Tom Hiddleston, Swift has noticeably lessened her participation in social media. Is Taylor Swift's social media absence the result of her two recent, very public heartbreaks?

Another theory about Taylor Swift's social media absence reveals that it might all be a ploy to engage curiosity about the singer and increase the hype up to the time when she is ready to unveil her new album. For the Swifties, it has been ages since the "You Belong With Me" singer released an album, three years to be exact.

What do you think of Taylor Swift's social media absence? Has she been hiding away in a rehab or is she just very busy preparing for her new album? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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