Nintendo NES Classic Mini Update: Pint-Size Retro Console, Spare Controllers Reported To Be Sold Out; Check Out Alternative Accessories Here

Creators of the Nintendo NES Classic Mini have denied rumors that the production of the pint-size retro console has been halted due to an enormous demand. However, stocks are quickly gone according to retailers.

The Nintendo NES Classic Mini is currently in short supply according to Stock Informer. The site says that it constantly tracking the stocks to ensure gamers that they will be informed first hand when it becomes available.

However, the site also warns gamers that due to the enormous demand for the Nintendo NES Classic Mini, they should not rely on receiving email notifications before the stock runs out. The pint-sized console is literally gone in minutes. Buyers may not be informed through email in time.

It will not come as a surprise to know that spare controllers for the Nintendo NES Classic Mini are also in short supply. According to Nintendo Life, the My Arcade NES Classic pad's square buttons do not look stunning but are working quite well. They are responsive and the D-Pad has no annoying clicking noise from the inputs. The controller also includes a shortcut button combination which allows the players to drop back to Nintendo NES Classic Mini home menu without having to reset the button on the console.

The manufacturer of the third party pad claims that it can operate at a distance of 30 feet. The reviewer of the pad did not experience any disconnection at the said range. Two triple A batteries can last for 75 hours playing the Nintendo NES Classic Mini.

Other third party peripheral gadgets for Nintendo NES Classic Mini include 8Bitdo Retro Receiver, NES30 pad, and Nyko's Miniboss pad. All these products offer wireless solutions to gamers which means they do not have to sit directly in front of their television to play their favorite Nintendo game.

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