"Deadpool 2" is still a long way from surfacing, but there are already bits and pieces that have been spilling for the much-awaited sequel. Casting is of the utmost importance, and for the time being, knowing who stays and goes is rather vital.

One of them is the reprising Morena Baccarin, known for her role as Vanessa. According to Cinema Blend, Baccarin's character, the love interest of Wade Wilson, otherwise known as Deadpool, will be facing a different challenge -- the personalities of her lover. After what transpired in the original, Wilson will then be caught in a different predicament of living his normal life and that of his alter ego-one which Vanessa may need to adapt to in "Deadpool 2."

Baccarin then spoke on what she wants to see in "Deadpool 2," specifically the evolution and change that she could undergo. She said that the emotional state that her character could undergo is one that may change the face of the game-more so that Domino will now be in the picture alongside Cable. While in the talk of the time-travelling mutant, one of the possible candidates was recently removed from the list, namely the "Troy" lead, Brad Pitt.

As per Comic Book, Pitt was taken out of the choices due to conflict schedules and "Deadpool 2" director David Leitch revealed that they had no other option but to do so. The actor was a fan, according to Leitch, and immensely interested in the idea. Baccarin's character could dawn the identity of Copycat, one which fans are looking forward to seeing. Copycat, in simpler terms, is a mutant that can shape-shift and mimic the abilities of other mutants-and Baccarin agrees that fans want to see her. But so far, no news has been revealed as to whether she will truly don the character or if it will happen in the said film.

"Deadpool 2" is still undated for the moment. Until then, stay posted for more news and updates.