This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown has revealed how he stays in shape and keeps up that impressive six-pack.

Fans of Brown and This Is Us may have been pleasantly surprised to see his toned physique in a recent Instagram post. The photo featured Brown showing off his muscles and some tight six-pack abs, writing in the caption, "So, I've been working on ['Predator'] with the wonderful [Trevante Rhodes], & try as I might to believe otherwise...that brother reminds me everyday that I'm 40 years old! Even still...thanks for the inspiration young man. It is greatly appreciated!"

So how exactly does Brown stay in shape through a busy schedule? The actor told People recently that he tries to work out five days per week.

"My work schedule doesn't always accommodate my workout schedule, but I make do with what time I've got," he noted.

He's not a total gym rat, though. The actor revealed that he tries to rotate with all kinds of physical activity.

"I love basketball because it's social, and you're not even thinking about working out - you're just playing a game, and getting great exercise at the same time," Brown revealed. "I also run, swim, bike, lift, do yoga. I just try to do something to sweat at least an hour a day."

Brown also has his fair share of dieting tips to help keep himself lean.

"I try to drink a lot of water - it hydrates, curbs appetite, etc.," he said. "[I eat] carbs at the top of the day, more vegetables than anything else, lean protein and good fat, like avocado, olive oil and DHA. However, Sunday brunch, anything goes!"

Brown is a very busy actor these days. Following his Emmy-winning performance as Christopher Darden in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, he has starred in This Is Us alongside filming Predator and Black Panther.