Microsoft's Project Scorpio has been roaming around the rumor mills for quite a long time. Now, the Redmond-based tech giant shed some light as it has revealed the specifications and features of its much-anticipated gaming console.

According to BBC, Microsoft allegedly designed its upcoming console dubbed as Project Scorpio to make newer games accessible at ultra-high 4K resolutions and at high frame rates which will deliver gamin experience that players wanted. With this aim of the Redmond-based tech company, it utilizes a graphics chip that uses 40 high-speed processing cores to create the high-definition images.

Moreover, the Microsoft also shared precise specifications with the news outlets and one of which is that the hardware inside the forthcoming console will have a central processor with eight cores that run at 2.3GHz. When compared with Sony's PlayStation 4 it is somewhat a bit advance as the console run at 2.1Ghz. Meanwhile, it will a huge leap from Xbox One as it only runs at 1.75GHz.

It was also worth mentioning that it has 40 cores in the graphics unit that also run at a higher speed compared to the 36 cores in the Sony console and the 12 in the Xbox One. Microsoft further explained that it has set itself a target to manufacture the device that is capable of handling six teraflops per second and it has claimed the company succeeds.

A news outlet was able to have a demo experience and it has estimated that the graphical processing unit that can be found under the Project Scorpio box is 4.6 times more powerful than the chips that are incorporated with the Xbox One. This is equally important with the amount of memory that is available to games.

It can be remembered that Microsoft has announced the Project Scorpio way back in June last year and was expected to hit the market shelves last holiday season. Nevertheless, the much-awaited launch didn't materialize; thus the patrons of the company could hope that the upcoming console will debut at the E3 games show in June this year.