Easter Eggs in Resident Evil series reminisced this Holy Week

The Resident Evil game series has been running for two decades already and within this long period it laid out Easter eggs in various releases as part of the game's scene life-giving item.

This Holy Week the Resident Evil's Easter eggs are reminisced in the popups of marketing sites drumming up Capcom's long-running video games. This latest Resident Evil 7 game was released on January 24, 2017.

Where players can find these Easter eggs are revealed and exposed by patient players who have eye for details.

For the latest Resident Evil 7, Eurogamer bared that the Easter egg can be found in the scene where there is a rocking chair inside the blood-splattered room with a sign, "You're the best ever!". There is an item there called Dirty Coin, which players can use to transfer into the main game for an Easter egg. The Easter egg is said to be in the little white box with the numbers US-00551/9000, just beneath the title card where it is hidden.

In Resident Evil 2 (1998), the Easter egg can be found in the scene where S.T.A.R.S. officer Rebecca Chambers, with title "Film D", comes up. To find it, players have to search Albert Wesker's desk 50 times in succession, Residentevil.wikia advised.

In its 2002 remake, an Easter egg can be found in right at the top of the stairs after the Main Hall and players have to turn right to the second level.

This latest Resident Evil 7 comes to be true to the series' reputation as a survival horror game, though it has completely new setting, with the eerie, old mansion of the Baker family, and all those creepy zombie-like creatures.

Resident Evil 7 is full of suspenseful, horror-filled scenarios, giving new twists in the series' overarching plot and recurring outbreaks of zombies and other creepy monsters.

Resident Evil series' executive producer Jun Takeuchi has bared that at they are already brainstorming Resident Evil 8 at Capcom, informed Gamezone.  

He said that plans would make the incoming game "very different from Resident Evil 7 in some ways."

He did not say about additional Easter eggs in the coming Resident Evil 8 and about its release date.


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