Tamar Braxton has cleared the air after her friend turned foe, Toya Wright, said Braxton was upset that Wright went on The Real daytime talk show after Braxton got fired.

Braxton went on The Big Tigger Show in Atlanta and shared her side of what caused the feud.

"It wasn't about the show," she said. "And it wasn't about the things that Toya was saying."

Braxton added that Wright felt she didn't support her like a real friend should when she released a book.

"She's been going on media tours and wrote a book about how she felt I was a horrible friend," she said. "That was hurtful to me because that was the first time I've seen it. It was on a radio station. I didn't know that we weren't friends."

In her book, Wright said Braxton was the reason she could never go on The Real to promote her book, but Braxton shared a different side of the story.

"When I was on the show, she never reached out to me and said she wanted to be on the show," Braxton said. "Come to find out, she got upset because I didn't post her last book but I don't have to tell you Tigger, they don't want you to tweet about or Instagram about certain things. That's in your contract. Especially when you work for a corporation. You have to run certain things by them. They didn't really dig it. I told her what they said. I guess she didn't believe me or want to believe me."

Interestingly enough, Wright was a guest on the show after Braxton was fired.

However, Braxton extended an apology to Wright, just as she did with Tiny Harris recently, and opened the door for them to be friends again.

"Toya, if you're listening baby, I have absolutely no reason to stop you from getting your shine on. I want you to win. I love you. And for me not to extend those blessings to my friends, which I do, that would be horrible for me. I'm not even that kind of person."

Check out the full interview below.