It looks like Tamar Braxton took T.I.'s advice on ending her drama with Tiny Harris, but in her apology, she sparked more drama with Toya Wright.

On Wednesday, Braxton wrote a lengthy letter to Tiny saying that she wanted to work things out with her.

"I would have never dreamed that NONE of us would be in this position," she said.

She continued to blast Toya Wright, who wrote in her book that Tamar was livid because all of her friends were appearing on or supporting those who were appearing on The Real after she was fired.

"Against public perceptions we know it's NOT because of that show or lies that paperback Toya has said or anyone else who has had something to say about the disagreement you and I have had...because it's simply OUR personal disagreement."

Tamar also urged Tiny and T.I. to work things out with their divorce. She said she would even pay for their vow renewal ceremony and apologized for the part she played in their feud.

Tiny also took to Instagram to respond. "Awe Tamar I love u to pieces, wrong or right, I've always & always will consider u one of my closest, dearest, long friends I've got. That will never change no matter how long it takes us to get back right! You are forever family to me! Time to kiss & makeup..."

While Tiny and Tamar were able to "kiss & make up," Toya had a few other things she wanted to say about Tamar. From calling her "fake" to "attention seeking" and that Tamar was upset when Toya and others went on The Real.

Tiny chimed in and said she hopes Tamar and Toya can work things out as well.

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