Amy Schumer Asks To Be Paid According To The Artistic Value She Does: Sets Aside Gender-Pay Inequality

Amy Schumer is one great artist but even she is not as funny as Dave Chappelle or massive crowd- drawer like Chris Rock. She demands a reasonable and equal compensation for her talent. Some sources also claimed that she deserves more money than Dave or Chris.

With this latest report from USA Today, it was suggested Schumer just asked to be paid according to the artistic value that she thinks and believes she carries. Moreover, she believes her compensation should not equate to having equal or even greater talent than Rock or Chappelle.

It was likewise reported that there was an issue before regarding gender-pay inequality in Hollywood. This also justified why Chappelle and Rock made deals for $20 million per special with Netflix. When the camp of Schumer discovered this, they went back to the said company and asked for more than the $11 million which both parties had agreed before.

Because of this request, two camps were formed and the first one composes of people who believe she doesn't deserve a higher pay due to the nature of her work. Meanwhile, the second group cries for sexisms at the top of Sarah Lawrence College's highest tower. According to reports, whatever an artist demands for her work should be the cost.

With this issue, Vanity Fair reported that Schumer, being a woman is completely irrelevant in dealing with the compensation that should be given to her. Also, the fact that an artist requested a higher pay must also be considered and this is because an art especially comedy is regarded as a commodity and not as a serious service provided.

After this issues had escalated, Schumer posted on her Instagram account in which she was thankful for people who believe that she deserves to be paid even if she did not ask for the same like her friends. With this, what she asked was more than the initial offer. In addition, the actress did not ask for more money since she was slighted as a female comedian.

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