It doesn’t look like T.I. and Tiny will finalize their divorce anytime soon (if at all), and now rumors have swirled that they are expecting another child.

“Tiny and T.I. have had a lot of romantic nights in the past couple of months, their sex life is better than it has been in years,” an insider told Hollywood Life earlier this month. “Things have gotten very wild and they haven’t exactly been careful and you know what that means. Tiny gets pregnant very easily and last week she was convinced it had happened again. She felt all the signs.”

The source went on to explain that while it was a false alarm, it certainly sparked a much needed conversation between her and her husband.

“It turned out she’s not pregnant, but it brought up a big discussion for her and Tip because he really wanted it to be true. He’d love another baby with her right now.”

The two just welcomed baby Heiress Harris last spring. They also have two sons together, King, 13, and Major, nine. T.I. has three children from a previous relationship: Domani, Deyjah, and Messiah. Tiny is also mom to Zonnique Pullins from a prevous relationship.

As for Tiny, it might be safe to say she’s not as convinced they should have another child right now.

“Tiny was more torn though,” the insider continued. “As much as she loves being a mommy, the timing to have another right now is not ideal. She’s got so much going on with her career it would be hard doing it all while pregnant. That being said she’s definitely open to having another baby with Tip, it could be exactly what they need to make things super solid again.”

There’s still hope for the couple despite Tiny filing for divorce and moving into her own place. It’s possible she just wanted to teach her husband a lesson. Either way, they are still working things out it seems.

A fake T.I. Facebook page did announce a pregnancy earlier this week. But the couple has not confirmed the news on their verified social media pages yet.

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