Gigi Hadid Siblings: Is She Jealous Of Model Sister Bella Hadid? [VIDEO]

There may be a sibling rivalry brewing between models Gigi and Bella Hadid.

While both of the women, who are the daughters of real estate mogul Mohamed Hadid and his ex-wife Yolanda, have been at the top of the modeling game for years, a new report claims that Gigi may be feeling envious of her sister's recent track record of booking major fashion gigs.

“Gigi feels she’s being usurped in the modeling world by her own sister,” an insider revealed to OK! Magazine on September 29. “All of a sudden Bella has the momentum and Gigi’s jealous as hell... She’s always been sensitive about Bella’s success, and now her insecurity is at an all-time high.”

“Just a couple of years ago, it was Gigi getting all the good gigs. Her kittenish looks were ‘in’ and designers called her the new Brigitte Bardot,” the insider continued. “Now everyone’s heaping praise on Bella and while things are blowing up for her, it’s calming down for Gigi. Of course she’s freaked.”

While Gigi was involved in controversy over the summer after being accused of racial behavior following an online clip which featured the model pulling her eyes to look asian, the allegations will reportedly not keep her off the Victoria's Secret runway, despite the show being filmed in China.

“This whole thing has put a very ugly shadow on something that’s a dream come true,” a source close to the model told Hollywood Life. “[But] walking again in the Victoria Secret show is a huge honor and there’s no way she’s going to let anything stop her from doing it.”

“She’s already nervous about doing the show and now she’s got to worry about more than just doing a good job,” the source said. “She’s extremely anxious that someone could get into the show and pull some sort of stunt that could embarrass her but she’s not going to let her fear hold her back. She’s going to face her fear and do it anyway.”

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