Jordyn Wood and Kylie Jenner have been creating multiple videos over Kylie Cosmetics and they have just pitched for Fan- Ideas on filming new videos together on their official social media platform, on Thursday.

A day ago, Enstarz revealed about Kylie's makeup line and its gaining popularity among fans and it said that she would be doing more videos for promoting the brand on her social media platforms, on the same day.

The 20-year old tweeted pitching ideas for filming their (Jordyn and Kylie) next video. "What vids would u like me and Jordyn to film for Youtube?" she enquired.

Doing a Youtube video for Kylie Cosmetics has become a treat to them after they enjoyed filming the "Blind-folded Make-up Challenge" a few days ago. While Kylie asked fans to suggest ideas for filming videos, Jordyn took to Twitter revealing her next biggest expose over unknown facts on Kylie. Both have been busy looking for some inspiration to bring out the new range of cosmetics on their videos

However, Kylie managed to get few responses over her tweet on ideas for filming videos while a majority of her fans asked her to answer questions related to her pregnancy. "pregnancy reveal", wrote a fan. "Video of your baby bump pls," asked another

Kylie posted her "Blindfolded Make up Challenge," video with Jordyn 5 days ago, in which, Jordyn attempts to do a make-up on her BFF with a blindfold on. During the challenge, Kylie thoroughly enjoys being made up with a range of fall collections from Kylie Cosmetic Line.

They end up with messy lipsticks in the challenge yet Kylie successfully registers her products from Kylie pallette to Leo Lip color leaving fans asking for more.

Kylie and Jordyn revealed five new products from Kylie Cosmetics on October 6 this year. The Fall Lip Kits including Autumn, Hazel, Butternut, Libra, and Wicked were among the first few arrivals.

Kylie who is reportedly pregnant with Travis Scott's baby is due for a delivery in February. She had been spending time with friends and family and has been laying low from being photographed. Even her videos on Youtube are cropped tight so that her baby bump is not visible to her fans who are eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of her belly bump.