Lindsay Lohan Defends Harvey Weinstein, Dad Stands By Her


Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein had been under the scanner for over a few days now and he has been bombarded by accusations from various quarters for his inappropriate behavior and the entire movie industry has come down heavily on him.

But there is one person who has not spoken ill of him and has defended him and she is actress Lindsay Lohan.The 31-year-old actress took to Instagram claiming that Weinstein never misbehaved with her and that everyone should give him a break.

Now, such kind of statement coming from an individual who is part of the industry was definitely not received  well and created quite an uproar on social media. She, however, deleted the videos immediately.

Reacting to the criticism, Lohan's father Michael Lohan has come in support of his daughter although not totally in defense of Weinstein, The 57-year-old has said that his daughter had her own experience with the producer which was not out of line as she never spoke about it, reported Hollywood Life magazine

He also added that he felt for women who were sexually violated by Weinstein and he said that the man is sick and requires help. But as for Lindsay or her young friend actresses, he never heard of them talking about being harassed by him. He also mentioned that the producer was great with his daughter in terms of work and so she continued to work with him.

He said that people were slamming his daughter for defending Weinstein but she had good experience with him and in fact, it was the other way round. He revealed that she used to trouble him many times despite the fact that he had given her several roles.

Apart from this the doting father also gave an insight into what Miss Lohan is up to these days for her fans. He said that his daughter is presently in Dubai building a wellness center and is doing great, besides trying hard to stay sober. It has been three years now and she is completely over the bad phase, he noted. The actress had earlier confessed that she was an alcoholic and has been on and off to rehab programmes.

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