Lana Del Ray's 'Song on Harvey Weinstein' Under Media Scrutiny, Why?


 A sexy soundtrack from Lana Del Ray was recently under the scanner in reference to the lines that spoke of her preference for older men.

According to media reports the following line from Lana's song ,Cola, "I got a taste for men who are older" leads to a confusion of sorts when she starts singing the lyrics "Harvey's" in the sky with diamonds and he's making me crazy"- However this can also be "Ah he's in the sky with diamonds and he's making me crazy".

Lana's song, in fact, wasn't meant for Harvey and to support this is a thread that talks about people making changes in the lyrics from the 2012 song.

Many websites have allegedly, taken out "Ah he's" in... to add "Harvey's" in...just for the sake of encashing on reports of sexual allegations over the movie mogul.

The TMZ magazine had even mentioned of the top search results showing Harvey's name after his alleged misconduct and sexual assault on women came to light recently. The lyrics back up then was something different to what people think, that the song reference is to Harvey.

These threads showed that the media reports of singer's Cola song featuring Harvey's name in the lyrics were not true.

Supporting the thread, the magazine also spoke with a source who told them that Lana had nothing to do with the Harvey Link-up. They said the actual lyrics went by these lines... "Ah he's in the sky with diamonds." checked by them from the album's digital booklet. The lyrics reference "Ah he's," and  not "Harvey,"  a source revealed.

It was just a "v" sound that made all the difference and led Lana's song towards a controversial up swirl amidst Harvey's downfall. Listen to the song yourself!!

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