Are You Ready For A New Batman/Wonder Woman Series? Rumors Hint It's Coming

DC Comics reportedly has a new comic book team-up series in the works featuring Batman and Wonder Woman. Fans have been rallying for a team-up series of the two DC Comics characters for quite some time now, especially after the release of the Justice League animated series.

Artist Liam Sharp has been teasing a new mystery book for DC Comics he's been working on for quite some time now and word out of the Los Angeles Comic Con is that it's a team-up title featuring Bruce Wayne and Diana.

Sharp shared pictures of his work on Twitter last month. One of the images was a close-up panel of an old bearded man while the other photo showed a two-page spread with an illustration of what appears to be a long winding pathway that is suspended in the air with two figures walking towards a bearded man with horns on his head.

The artist signed an exclusive contract with the comic book published last year and helped re-launch Wonder Woman teaming up with writer Greg Rucka to open up DC's Rebirth initiative. In April, Rucka announced his departure with issue #25 and Sharp also left the project shortly after to work on the Dark Nights: Metal series, but continued to work under DC.

Sharp has a lot of experience drawing Wonder Woman and Batman and has also worked on the Justice League crossover with Metal, which is out this week.

According to Bleeding Cool, Batman/Wonder Woman #1 is expected to arrive in February 2018 so an official announcement should be made over the coming few weeks.

Batman and Wonder Woman have never shared a title together, which has been fairly reserved for Clark Kent's alter-ego with titles like Superman/Batman, Batman/Superman and Superman/Wonder Woman, which depicted Superman and Wonder Woman as a couple. So what does that mean for a Batman and Wonder Woman team-up series?

We saw a glimpse of it in the Metal tie-in Batman: The Merciless, in which an alternate Earth's version of Bruce Wayne falls in love with Wonder Woman before she was presumed dead, but then loses his mind after becoming the new god of war and was actually responsible for her ultimate death when it was revealed that she was still alive.

Batman and Wonder Woman have previously joined forces in the DC Comics film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot portraying the characters. They will also share screen space in the highly anticipated upcoming Justice League movie, and it seems logical for a comic book series to make the most of that dynamic.

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