'Justice League' new promo image reveals Superman joining team

Unlike the previous promotional images of "Justice League, the newest promo poster of the movie features Superman.

According to Comic Book Movie, JoinTheLeague.com has been unveiled by Warner Bros. today. It is a website which promises to deliver new content for "Justice League" in the coming weeks and months. In line with the site's promotion, a poster was also released featuring the team, but this time around they are joined by Superman.

It has been noted that it is only the second time the avid patrons of the film saw Henry Cavill's Man of Steel with the rest of the group. Nevertheless, Superman fits in well with the rest of the "Justice League" members.

Furthermore, Screen Rant stated in its article that the latest promotional image of 'Justice League" included the full line-up of the team. This includes Ezra Miller as Flash, Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg. Meanwhile, Cavill's Superman is standing front-and-center.

Aside from the revelation of Cavill's return in the tights during the Comic-Con last year, the sightings of Superman in any promotional materials for the "Justice League" have been null. Although there has been the unusual snap posted by Snyder, but then the patrons of the movie are still in the wondering where Cavill has been all this time. It was also noticeable that even the first-look trailer did nothing to assure fans that Superman is present in the film.

In this scenario, the same news outlet concluded that a lot of fans have been looking for Superman. While his comeback is still covered in mystery, his appearance in the newest "Justice League" promotional image might just be a controversial method of advertisement.

Nevertheless, some are fans are hoping that Superman will be omitted from marketing totally to avoid ruining the element of surprise. But as the poster has indicated, it is predicted that he will feature flagrantly in the next trailer of "Justice League."

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