'Wonder Woman' Epilogue Tied To Upcoming ‘Justice League’ Film: More Details Revealed

It is no doubt that the "Wonder Woman" turned out into a hit movie that's why DC Films decided to create an epilogue of it. With the latest report, it was claimed that DC placed the said epilogue project in the best possible hands so that it will have the same fate like its first original film.

With this, some reports mentioned in Screen Rant were suggesting that the said "Wonder Woman" epilogue scene will be tied and linked to upcoming "Justice League" film. Because of this, some fans were wondering if this will be directed by either Zack Snyder, the primary director of "Justice League" or Joss Whedon who took over for the film's reshoots.

But it turned out that was not the case since DC Films opted for Patty Jenkins, the director of "Wonder Woman". The reports added that the epilogue of the film was shot by Jenkins while the reshoots for the film were taking place. Also, the epilogue follows Etta Candy, the assistant of Steve Trevor played by Lucy Davis in the hit film.

Davis also revealed that Patty Jenkins was the one who directed the epilogue which was shot for about 6 months after they finished the film and while the reshoots were being made. Furthermore, the title of the epilogue scene is "Etta's Mission" and this features Etta reuniting with Steve Trevor's allies namely Sameer, Charlie, and Chief Napi.

Collider reported that Etta and the other four will go on a secret mission in order to find a powerful artifact which can have major consequences for "Justice League". When it comes to its ranking in the ComicBook.com readers, "Wonder Woman" was the fourth-highest ranked comic book movie of all time.

With regards to the additional details, before becoming "Wonder Woman", she was first a princess of the Amazons named Diana who originally trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Since she was faced with a threat, she leaves her home for the first time fighting with men in a war to end all sorts of wars until she discovers her full powers and even destiny.

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