'The Real Slim Shady' stands up once again. But this time, he walks on water as he comes toward his fans. In his tow, the beautiful and vocally-gifted Beyonce'. This is the way to do a comeback. The new song that was dropped without warning is a massive triumph!

Perhaps, his freestyle rap attack on Donald Trump last month is a sign and precursor of things to come. The freshly released single called Walk on Water featuring Beyonce' is a guaranteed hit single. The audio released on YouTube has already gained millions of views after just a few hours of its official release.

Eminem Is Back

Needless to say, this proves to be a major comeback for the 'Rap God'. Fans worldwide are thrilled. He makes a surprising announcement on Twitter.

"I'MMM BACK," the iconic rapper tweets.

Humble Words

In true Eminem fashion, his words are usually laments that come from his seemingly honest yet tortured soul. He raps about dealing with the pressures of fame, fortune, and keeping up massive record sales in the past.

He is not Prince. He compares himself to a Rubik's Cube. He is a flawed human. Unlike Kanye, he claims he "ain't no Jesus". But he "walks on water, but only when it freezes." These are just a few choice words in a brilliantly crafted tune that echoes beautifully with a very simple orchestral background of piano and strings.

He vocalizes his frustrations, disappointments, and self-doubt. For some people, a highly successful recording artist casting so much shadow on his own accomplishments can come as a surprise. After all, Eminem has already reached the pinnacle of success.

Past Domination

Since 1998, the rapper has released ten albums. They all reached number one on the Billboard Charts. All albums collectively have sold about 172 million copies worldwide. He is considered the king of hip-hop and touted as one of the greatest artists of all time.

However, his kingdom has been shaken down a few times by other great rappers who burst into the music scene over the past decades. Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, Kendrick Lamar are just some of the names who also dominated the hip-hop industry.

Reclaiming The Throne

More young rap artists are popping out of nowhere, attempting to take a lion's share of the spotlight.

However, Eminem makes it very clear in his new song that as far as getting old gets, age is just a number. His writing skills are still razor-sharp and can take on any of the young ones down. Eminem is the ultimate comeback of 2017. His timing to drop his single coincides with Taylor Swift's new album release.